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Age limit for vapers

10:00pm 13/11/2015 Ann Vivien 10 views Current Issue,National


MELAKA: The Coalition of Melaka Smoke-Free NGOs (GaNMBAR) today called on the government to set the age limit for buying of e-cigarette or vape to 18 years and above, like for cigarette buyers.

GaNMBAR chairman Osman Ismail said there was a need to set the age limit as e-cigarette or vaping, which could be hazardous to health, had become a culture or trend among the young generation.

He said GaNMBAR would support effort by the government to enforce strict laws on vaping, and if possible, to ban it.

It has also been proven that e-cigarette or vaping does not help cigarette smokers to quit smoking, he told a media conference here today.

He said talks and workshops were organised by GaNMBAR to enhance public awareness on the dangers of cigarette smoking.

Osman said GaNMBAR is an affiliation of 30 associations and clubs, including the Melaka Stroke Foundation, Melaka Mental Health Association and the Melaka Cancer Association, involving about 10,000 members.

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