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A vacation home in Kundasang

The Vacation Home with Japiril (inset)
The Vacation Home with Japiril (inset)

The house stands proud against the scenes of vegetables farms and undulating hills in the valley of Kundasang. Beyond stands the brooding mountain Majestic Mount Kinabalu.

The  house, sited about one and a half hour drive from Kota Kinabalu is like a home for the opulent but what it really is, is a four-apartment building for visitors.

It’s owner Japiril Suhaimin shares that cosy and comfortable place to stay offers nine rooms;  three of the apartments have two rooms each while one has three rooms.

“We provide extra mattress too. We care for the comfort of our guests and as such we want to make sure they have ample space and that they will feel they are at home away from home,” he says adding that the comfort of home is further augmented with the cooking facilities in each of the apartment.

The area in Kundasang is well known for its vegetable farms and guests can cook in the comfort of the apartment if they so wished.

Guests taking a morning walk
Guests taking a morning walk

Japiril says his guests are mostly Malaysians but there are the odd overseas tourists and they always have positive remarks to share.

“We are mostly full during the school holidays as parents like to bring their children here for the sights and sites. We are also quite close to the Memorial Park, the Kinabalu Parks and the Poring Hot Spring so they can always take a day out to visit and come back in the evening,” he states.

On the recent earthquake and the subsequent tremours, he says they experienced the tremours but the house is not effected or damaged in any way.

“However for safety reasons our guests cancelled for June but we hope to pick up soon. I don’t think there is anything to fear,” he stresses.

He invites holiday-makers to come over adding that the house offers a perfect location for a perfect holiday, where families and friends can come together in a house where they can have a fun-filled time with a home-like atmosphere.

Information can be acquired from his facebook or call 0198201714.- Sayangsabah





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