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Sayang Sabah - The voice of Sabahans

“A really good day”

Tristan B

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


When planning this holiday I was really unsure whether we could justify the long drive to do this however it exceeded our expectation and are so glad we decided to do this.
On its own there isn’t a lot to do at the park however grouped together all the things in the area make for a good day out. Ohhh and is a very different temperate to KK, so if you have something warm with you pack It – we were a little chilly

The Drive:
Didn’t feel as long as I thought it would and the scenery is very pretty

The pit-stop:
It looked as if most groups stopped in at the same place – just a bathroom stop with a little market, cute to have a look around

The Mountain:
It’s actually pretty cool to look at and considering it is such an Icon of Sabah it would have felt a little silly to not see it

The botanical gardens:
Some fascinating plants, we had a really super guide and I suppose it would be a bit boring without someone to explain it all, a lot of the plants we would have walked straight past without realizing what they were

The Poring hot springs:
The springs themselves and very so so. Something to do since you have taken the drive anyways and who doesn’t like their feet smelling like egg. The baths looked a little grotty and I wouldn’t want to go submerging myself in one however it was nice to soak the feet for a bit.

The Treetop walkway:
Nice to do, even though a little scary – we got to see a baby viper too – he was very cute 😀

The Rafflesia Flower
I think it’s a little hit and miss with this one – It was one of the things I really wanted to see on the trip. Apparently they sometimes have the flowers in bloom at the Poring hot springs however not when we were there however we asked our guide if it would be possible and she took us to a local’s house and for a 5 RM fee they showed us one flowering at the back of their house (they grow Vitaceae vines hoping to spore them)

Overall a really good day – The way we went was a little more expensive getting a private tour however it was worth the extra money – we booked ours through referral from the Rasa Ria resort.

Visited October 2013

(Pic. Source : backpackingmalaysia.com)


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