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A rainy yet successful food fair

William (left) with guests and Tengku Adlin (Middle)
William (left) with guests and Tengku Adlin (Middle)

KOTA KINABALU: Despite the heavy rain which started early in the morning, the  traditional food fair held at  the Balai Raya at Kg Papaga Papar on August 1 was very successful.

Spokesperson for the event William Lee said visitors came to the fair quite early and made their purchases of traditional food items and local fruits.

According to him, the fair carried out by the Koposizon Homestay sited within the village showcased various traditional food such as Bambangan, Tuhau and Hinava among others was well received.

He said the guests did not linger too long due to the heavy rain but they all went away with items bought with coupons.

“We have more participation from our fellow homestay operators here and I believe the trend has been going upward since we started seven years ago,” he said adding that the presence of the tourism authority showed support from them , as well as the Chairman of Sabah Parks and Board of Directors Tourism Malaysia Dato’ Seri DZ Adlin who launched the event.

“He has always been supportive and we really appreciate him,” he said.

William said the event which started at 8am to 5pm showcased traditional fares, numbering 20 in all which was received well among participants. The food sold like hot cakes and the fruits were snapped up in no time.

“The annual event was held in our bid to incorporate traditional food as part of our tourism product, ” he said, adding that it also ensured that interest in the traditional food stay alive  for generations to come.

Briefly Koposizon Homestay Papar is about 40 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu City. Koposizon Homestay comprises of 13 villages, mainly Kg Gana, Kg Kopimpinan, Kg Kinuta, Kg Limbahau, Kg Labak, Kg Balalai, Kg Biau, Kg Limputung, Kg Titimboungon, Kg Timbagan, Kg Lakut, Kg Novouing and Kg papaga.-Sayangsabah.

A girl showing off a Bambangan fruit while the other shows her Tarap
A girl showing off a Bambangan fruit while the other shows her Tarap



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