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A celebration of friendship

Japiril (3rd right) with his wife and his siblings
Japiril (3rd right) with his wife and his siblings

THE Hari Raya Celebration, is one of the main conduit for enhancing friendship and solidarity as well as tolerance and understanding among the people. It is a time of visits and joyful gathering by celebrants and their guests.

In Sabah where religious tolerance and understanding is a culture, Hari Raya is indeed a celebration where everybody seems to celebrate together without any reserve.

Japiril Suhaimin, an entrepreneur and social activist held his Hari Raya celebration at  Kampung Dampisung Kudasang, at his family home. During the Hari Raya, he and his siblings would congregate at the huge house and celebrate the occasion.

“We have been doing this for many years,” he said, adding that three weddings have been held there during the Hari Raya celebration, which actually cut the cost of a huge celebration while ensuring that the family stay and celebrate together.

According to him, the celebration also ensured that the people in that area gather together and dine,  irrespective of religion and ethnic background as well as political orientation.

“My guests among others include opposition leaders and BN Component party stalwarts, and we all sit down together and talk about all sorts of subjects,” he said.

“With a relaxed atmosphere we can talk about any matter or subjects without being tense or uncomfortable,” he said.

On the recent earthquake in Ranau that have effected homes of celebrants in some villages, he said, it was an unfortunate event and expressed his sympathy to all those effected. -Sayangsabah


A guest at the buffet
A guest at the buffet





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