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66 venue a bad idea

The Double Six Monument is a memorial located at Sembulan area. - Photo courtesy of Sabah Tourism
The Double Six Monument is a memorial located at Sembulan area. – Photo courtesy of Sabah Tourism

KOTA KINABALU – DAP Sabah’s Jimmy Wong suggestion to conduct a debate between him and former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh near the Double Six Tragedy memorial reflects his utter disrespect for those who perished in the fatal plane crash in 1976.

Deputy President of the Sino Kadazandusun Murut Association, Kevin Lim said Jimmy’s proposal also showed his complete disregard for the feelings of the family members of the victims of the Double a Six tragedy.

“Perhaps Jimmy is not schooled on the do’s and dont’s of a civil society. To suggest conducting the debate or any debate for that matter near the site is deplorable,” he said.

He was responding to KK MP’s suggestion that the venue where the debate on the Malaysia Agreement, 20-point and Keningau Oath Stone should be he held near the Double Six memorial in Sembulan.

He also questioned Jimmy’s frame of mind for further suggesting that the time of the debate be held on June 6 at 6.06 pm.

“This suggestion is in bad taste and shows a complete disregard the feelings of the family,” he said.

Kevin who is also the former President of the Sabah Youth Council said Jimmy’s insistence on Tan Sri Simon Sipaun being the moderator for the debate showed his lack of sincerity.

“Who are you trying to fool? How is Tan Sri Simon Sipaun apolitical. We have seen him at so many pro opposition events,” he said.

He said it was fine if Jimmy felt that Tan Sri Majid Khan was not the right person to be the moderator of the debate because of his political links with Harris.

“But he is trying to hoodwink the people by claiming that Sipaun is apolitical. What a joke,” he said.

He said Jimmy was belittling the significance of the monument in an attempt to further his political interest. – SayangSabah



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