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Fight Dengue, public told

Dr Saffree (fourth, left), Dr Pamela (second, left), Agnes (third, left) and others  doctors during the fogging and inspection in Taman Foo Yen.
Dr Saffree (fourth, left), Dr Pamela (second, left), Agnes (third, left) and others
doctors during the fogging and inspection in Taman Foo Yen.

KOTA KINABALU: The general public has been urged to provide full cooperation to the State Health Department in their efforts to eradicate aedes mosquitoes.

Kota Kinabalu health officer cum public health specialist Dr Mohd Saffree Jeffree, said since the ‘Ops Mega Denggi 2015’ was launched by the department recently, the response from the public is still lukewarm.

The major operation involving 100 workforce from 10 districts were formed to help Kota Kinabalu to eradicate the aedes mosquitoes, said Dr Saffree, adding the operation will end on March 31.

He said this after conducting a joint inspection with Luyang’s community development leader Datuk Agnes Shim in Taman Foo Yen Phase 3, 4 and 5 recently.

The joint inspection were also participated by Beluran health officer Dr Roddy Teo, Sipitang health officer Dr Alfred Aldrin, Kota Marudu health officer Omar Kwang Kulan and entomology science officer Dr M. Azrool Rizal Azahari.

Also present was MCA Kota Kinabalu women chief Dr Pamela Yong.

“The visit from house to house was aimed to teach the community on how to find and destroy the aedes breeding ground and the symptoms if a person is infected,” said Dr Saffree.

“Only lately we have good cooperation from the public after Datuk Agnes stepped in to help us in the operation because since January we have a difficult time to enter the people’s house compound to do fogging and explain to them the threat of aedes mosquitoes,” said Dr Saffree.

“The people refused to open their gates or doors to let us in so the commitment from the public is still lacking, meaning to say they have to do their part,” said Dr Saffree.

Datuk Agnes Shim shared the operation to destroy the aedes mosquitoes started end of December last year.

She also called on the Public Works Department, non-governmental organisations, associations, Department of Irrigation and Drainage, City Hall and Fire and Rescue Department to help them in carrying out cleaning up exercise.

“The threat from the aedes mosquitoes is very serious and we should not take it lightly because the virus from the infection will carried down to seventh generations,” stressed Agnes, who is also MCA Sabah women chief.

“We appeal to the public for full cooperation and allow us to enter their house compound to do the fogging,” urged Agnes.

Dr Pamela, said MCA women wings will be mobilised soon to form a group of volunteers in the housing estates to provide basic health care for the residents.

“Each committee will consist 10 members and they will provide assistance to clean up the housing areas and destroy mosquito’s breeding grounds,” she said.

She said they will also launch an education community programme to teach young children in school on the danger of dengue.

“The children will eventually serve as an ambassador to tell the elders what they learned,” said Dr Pamela.-Sayangsabah


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