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150 children joins berkhatan ceremony

12:12am 04/12/2015 Raimrod Usop 9 views Current Issue,Local


Caption: Nik Nadzri spraying water to the children at the event.

Nik Nadzri spraying water on the children at the event.

KENINGAU: Some 150 children aged twelve years old in the district have joined the berkhatan event organized by Keningau UMNO Youth at Hajah Rosmah Orphanage at Kg. Batu 27, near here, in Wednesday.

One of the participants, Raisali Raisin, said berkhatan ceremony is a must for Muslims and it is also an important aspect in taking care of their health.

Two siblings, Muhamad Shofi Suhaili, and Mohamad Zubair Suhaili, both agree that the event will be an unforgettable memories for them, despite having to feel temporary pain.

Previously in the event, Keningau UMNO Youth Chief, Nik Nadzri Nik Zawawi, said they did not expect that the event will have more participants than they have targeted.

He said no fees are required since the programme is for the community, as well as to help parents with financial issues to send their children to join the programme. –SayangSabah


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