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LDP to discuss about religious teachers

Teo (centre) accepting the invitation letter from Chua (fourth, left) to attend the dinner at Tien Nam Shi Temple in Kinarut.
Teo (centre) accepting the invitation letter from Chua (fourth, left) to attend the dinner at Tien Nam Shi Temple in Kinarut.

KOTA KINABALU: The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will bring the issue of quota system for religious subject teachers in Chinese primary schools to the Federal Education Ministry if no satisfactory resolution is achieved.

LDP president Datuk Teo Chee Kang, who is also the Special Tasks Minister was commenting on a statement by former Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Chau Tet On who claimed that the Education Ministry has transferred 500 religious teachers (JQaf Jawi, al-Quran, Arabic and Fardhu Ain) from West Malaysia to Sabah, most of them would be teaching in Chinese primary schools.

He said Datuk William Chu, who heads the LDP Education Bureau, has briefed the party leaders on this issue during the Supreme Council meeting on January 25.

Expressing his concern on the matter, he said that they were compiling reports on the issue at the moment, adding that he had personally voiced out his concern on this matter to the State Education director Datuk Jame Alip when they met during the State Action Committee meeting recently.

According to Jame, a total 67 religious teachers would be transferred to Sabah this year with 20 to mission schools and 47 to Chinese primary schools.

Teo added that several Chinese primary schools in Kota Kinabalu have been informed of the impending transfer of additional religious teacher to each school, including SJK(C) Chung Hwa Kota Kinabalu, SJK(C) Chung Hwa Likas, SJK(C) St James, SJK(C) Lok Yuk and SJK(C) Shan Tao.

“Our worry is the quota system for religious teachers in Chinese primary schools set by the Education Ministry.” For instance, Teo said the ministry had fixed a quota of 17 religious teachers for SJK(C) Chung Hwa Kota Kinabalu and 14 for SJK(C) Chung Hwa Likas.

“We are worried that the Chinese schools are obliged to accept the number of religious teachers transferred to the schools based on the quota system from now on.”

He said the current number of religious teachers in Chinese schools was sufficient. “Transfer of religious teachers to Chinese schools can be done on need basis, there is no need to fix a quota for every school,” Teo suggested.

He said the party would highlight the issue to Muhyiddin if it was not resolved in a proper manner. Meanwhile, Teo also received a courtesy call from a delegation from the Commission of Sabah Affairs (COSA) of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) led by Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB)

Sabah president Datuk Jerry Dusing along with COSA chairman Reverend Chin Chi Kiong and others. During the meeting, the delegates briefed Teo about the role of COSA and matters pertaining to churches in the State.

Besides that, Teo was also invited by the Gabungan Persatuan Penganut Sing Kong/Tuah Peh Kong Sabah to officiate at their dinner on March 28 at Tien Nam Shi Temple in Kinarut.

The event will be attended by representatives from 85 temples and community associations, including those from Sarawak and Brunei. The invitation was extended to Teo when organizing chairman Chua Chin Seng and Tien Nam Shi Temple president Chua Giok Chai paid a courtesy visit at his office.-By Bosco Wong/Sayangsabah.


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