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Mini bus and motorcycle collided, one died

1:41pm 28/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

KOTA KINABALU – Man died in a road accident involving a Yamaha motorcycle and a Nissan Urban minivan near an Iramanis U-turn, Jalan Lintas, last […] […]

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Crime & Court

46 suspects Ilegal public lottery gambling arrested

11:12am 25/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

KOTA KINABLU – 46 suspects (23 males and 21 females) arrested in DICE OPS Ilegal Public Lottery Gambling and Wah Hui in operation conducted started […] […]

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Current Issue

Government need to review the policy of financing and housing loan-Azih

4:42pm 03/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

KOTA KINABALU- Congress of Union Employees in the Public and Civil Services (CUEPACS) appeal to the government to review the Financing and Housing Loan Policy […] […]

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Musa meet and greeted the local community

1:00pm 07/05/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

  KUCHING- Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman arrived at Kg. Sadong Jaya, here for meet and greet session with the local community, […] […]

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Durian making it big in China

10:34pm 30/05/2015 Ann Vivien

SHENZEN: The ‘Musang King’ durian from Malaysia is much liked and highly demanded by the people in China and in 2013, the fruit was awarded China’s television […] […]

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Ramadan is not an obstacle to elevate national sport

12:55pm 15/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

  KOTA KINABALU- “Do not waste the efforts had been made because the double and extraordinary efforts will produced excellent results.” That was the expression […] […]

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‘Doa Untuk Kinabalu’ tribute ERA fm Sabah to earthquake tragedy Ranau

1:54pm 07/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi

KOTA KINABALU- June 5th 2016 exactly one year of the earthquake incident in Ranau, Sabah. The 6.0 Richter scale earthquake killed 19 Mount Kinabalu climbers […] […]

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