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KOTA KINABALU: Upko Tuaran Youth Chief Charles Jauti urge the people of Sabah not to be distracted by the recent “VIP” and “private jet” treatment to ex-Sabah Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.

“Instead they should focus on solving the problems inherited from the previous BN government such as youth unemployment, poor infrastructure in the rural area, water shortages throughout the state, natives land issues, graft among others,” he said.

Charles reminded the current leaders of the new state government that there were thousands of Sabahan youth still unemployed at the moment while thousand others still working in Semenanjung such as Johor and Selangor simply because of the limited job opportunities in Sabah.

Charles Jauti. SNT Pix/Courtesy of Upko Tuaran Youth

He said the new government must also be wary and not to focus too much on sectors that are not job-friendly to the youths.

“Timber, oil palm and rubber industries have been proven to have failed to attract to the youths simply because of lacked of downstream activities, unattractive pays and some other issues that are not interesting enough for our youths,” he said.

On another note, Charles said it was heartening to see the new government scrapping the communal land title system.

“But the new government also need to quickly solve other issues such as when are the government going to alienate land for our natives as they are worried about the past BN government practice when issuance of individual land titles may take 10 to 20 years.

“Also who is going to pay the cost of surveying as the cost can run into millions? And who is going to monitor the lands that already have forged joint venture agreements with investors or government agencies?” he asked.

“I hope the new government will also give opportunities to our youth by helping them to develop the land and not just give to few towkays as practice by the previous BN government,” he said.

According to Charles, everybody knows that the previous state government leader, Musa has little chance to become chief minister again as he has lost the majority support from the assemblymen.

Besides that, Sabah BN have been in disarray with the departure of its component parties such as PBS and PBRS as well as losing some assemblymen.

Hence, he said the demand by Sabah Umno Youth Information chief, Mazlan Joe Manan for the Warisan-led state government to dissolve the state assembly and give way for fresh polls just because of the boisterous welcome given to Musa at the airport recently, should not be entertained.

“He (Musa) has been saying that he was overseas for medical treatment, but he forgot that our local hospital are as good as hospitals outside our country,” he said.

Charles believed that the people of Sabah knew which is right and wrong, however the new state government must not be distracted and lost sight in developing the state and helping the rakyat.-SabahNewsToday


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