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Do Not Involve in Negative Acts


KOTA KINABALU: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) will not tolerate those who use the university as a platform for demonstrations, chaos, vandalism, or any other act that may lead the university to destruction.

“I would like to stress that there is no room for any negative acts that may destroy the university.

“Always remember that your main goal when entering the university is to make your parents proud by bringing home a degree and achievements,” said UMS Vice Chancellor, Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah, at the ‘Aku Janji’ Oath-Taking ceremony, at the university’s premises, here yesterday.

The Oath-Taking ceremony saw the 4,851 newly-enrolled students taking their oath to mark the beginning of their journey with the university.

The number included 100 students recruited through the Transforming Ideas into Reality programme, or Meniti, a new entry mode mechanism offering spots for those from families earning 40 per cent below the poverty line to further their studies at UMS.

Dr Mohd Harun urged the students to deepen their understanding of the points of pledges outlined in the ‘Aku Janji’ (oath), and not to take it lightly as they will become guidelines for them to reach their full potential during their years of studies.

Having said that, Dr Mohd Harun also reminded the new students to utilise their time at the university in acquiring the most of knowledge and skills.

“For the three and five years you will spend at the univeristy will be the platform for personality formation into the kind of people with the ability to think and equipped with professional skills, to help carry you through to the career of your choise.

“Hence, do not waste this opportunity of a lifetime and give it all you’ve got,” said D Mohd Harun, addressing the 4,851 students.

He also noted how UMS offers the standard of professionalism and acquiring knowledge like those of other top universities in the country, which students should benefit from.

In the meantime, Dr Mohd Harun advised the new students to get themselves a copy of the Etiqutte book compiled by UMS, a guidebook on moral values, nationhood, and other general guidelines.

Out of the 4,851 new students enrolling into UMS for the year 2014/2015, 1,992 were from Sabah, 2,295 from Peninsular Malaysia, 399 from Sarawak, and 165 international students.


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