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API reading in Beaufort at Moderate

3:24pm 05/04/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi 7 views Beaufort,Mutakhir,Tempatan


KOTA KINABALU-Air Pollutant Index in (API) in Beaufort show a positive changes at 9am this morning with a reading of API 92 compared to 142 yesterday.

The spokesperson of quality monitoring station of Department of Environment when contacted, said that the API reading show at a moderate level in the scale.

In the district of Sandakan also show the decreasing of API reading of which from 31, yesterday to 20 this morning.

However, Kota Kinabalu shows a slight increase from 70, yesterday evening to 71 this morning.

According to the website of Department of Environment, the API reading in the district of Keningau is maintain at 58 whereas the district of Tawau showed a decrease at 27 compared to 29, yesterday.

The API reading of 0 to 50 is consider good, 51 to 100 (moderate), 101 to 200 (unhealthy), 201 to 300 (very unhealthy) and 300 and above (hazardous).

Meanwhile, the website of Meteorology Department stated that the district of Keningau up until this morning recorded a temperature at 35.5 degree Celsius, Kota Kinabalu (34.5), Kudat (33.3), Ranau (33.1), Sandakan (32.3) and Tawau (31.3).-SayangSabah

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